Protecting Your Children On More Earthly Voyages

Convertible car seat guide

While it is nice to have our heads looking up to the stars dreaming of more celestial voyages, life is unfortunately made up of more mundane journeys, usually in our car. Your daily commute to work, or from school, or to the grocery market can present their own set of dangers that a parent should never take for granted. Having a reliable and safe car seat for your child is one of the requirements that all parents face. Finding the perfect seat for your family can seem like an exercise in frustration, but there are several high quality options to choose from that will give your little one both the comfort and protection that they need.

We prefer to have convertible car seats from the beginning and skip getting an infant seat to start with. We have three kids and if had to do it all over again with our first one this is the route we would go. Now if you plan to use a stroller ever day then an infant seat might have some benefit, but we only used it occasionally so it wasn’t as big of an advantage for us as we hoped. So now let’s get down to see what is out there in our efforts to find you the best convertible car seat 2016. There are several reputable baby seat makers to choose from. Unfortunately budget often plays a significant role what you can buy so we tried to find a wide range of quality safety seats that are worth your time.

Britax Car Seats

This company makes a lot of high quality, higher end safety seats. Their line of convertible baby seats has some of the highest rated models on the market. Their Advocate, Boulevard, and Marathon models have been quite popular with parents and deliver a nice combination of comfort and safety. Their designs and styling are also on par with some of the better seats from other brands. While they did just suffer through some recalls of their seats recently, overall they have a pretty good track record when it comes to safety. They also were quick to respond and offer fixes for their issues.

We currently own a Britax Advocate ClickTight and we could not be happier. This is one of their more budget friendly car seats but it has rather plush materials and it is relatively easy to maintain and use on a daily basis. If we could afford it we would have taken a step up to the Marathon. But we are still extremely satisfied.

Graco Seats

This is another renowned maker of child seats and they have some popular choices in their line as well. The Size4Me 65 is a convertible seat that we almost bought. It has extremely high ratings from parents and a ton of reviews online, which tells us that is quite popular for a reason. We like its weight and that its pads were machine washable. We all know that kids are messy, so having something that will stand up to normal wear and tear is a must have. Their prices are pretty reasonable too. For a mid-ranged price tag, their line of child seats is pretty remarkable.

Peg Perego

These are high end seats with race car inspired technology designed into them. They also have very nice materials that children love to ride in. This was definitely out of our price range but most certainly on our wish list. The Primo Viaggio is engineered with some impressive safety features but even the name sounds expensive. If you have one kid, or a lot of money, this might be an option for you. Luxurious to the max with top notch protection.


This maker is more known for the extremely budget friendly car seats. Their top models can usually be had for around $100 or less. You won’t sacrifice safety for the lower price, but you might have to give up some comfort with less padding. This is not a bad option at all if you are pinching pennies and need something to keep your children safe.

Protection and Safety

We did not cover any of the individual safety features of any of the seats listed above but that is because you can rest assured that they have passed the usual safety standards required for convertible car seats. For this reason it is best to buy a seat with a reputable name. Car seats also have expiration dates, so it is important that you buy a new seat as well.  Stay away from anyone offering to sell you a used safety seat as you do not know if it has been in a crash our not. If it has, then its integrity may be jeopardized without showing outward signs of weakness.

No matter your budget, there is a convertible car seat out there that your family will enjoy using. Safety is always the most important aspect of a seat, but comfort, ease of installation, ease of cleaning, and weight are other factors that you should also keep an eye on when skimming through reviews. With a little research you should find exactly what you are looking for. May all of your earthly journeys be uneventful and safe.